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PSD2: All you need to know about open banking data

PSD2 All you need to know about open banking data

Although PSD2 sounds like a new kind of medicine, it may actually be some kind of medicine for the majority of the payment industry. PSD2 will open up banking data in a way that can accelerate online transactions across the EU and improve buyers confidence cross-border. Ok, now the interesting part… This regulation will have an impact on a lot of online businesses within the EU region. If you’re responsible for an online business, you want to read on how

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The SEO guide for product managers

The SEO guide for product managers

So you have a product? Congrats. There is only one problem: nobody gives a damn about your product unless people can find it. And nobody cares about Google search ranking when you don’t convert any significant part of that traffic. Would you like your product to build more traffic and optimize conversion? It may be time to adjust your growth traffic strategy and read this SEO guide for inspiration. This SEO guide focuses on providing quality content to gain the right

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Step-by-step GDPR guide for managers

GDPR guide for managers

Are you looking for a GDPR guide with clear steps towards implementing this mandatory data protection regulation? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Your win: it will take about 10 minutes to read and will save you days of research! If you stumbled upon this article and your first reaction to GDPR is “Isn’t that the name of the new Nintendo?” and you’re in software…you might want to stick around and continue reading. Why this GDPR guide is a

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Things developers say: A tech dictionary for product managers

Tech dictionary for product owners

Ever been in a (SCRUM) meeting or standup and you didn’t understand a word the developer was saying? Wouldn’t it be nice if you understood some words without learning to code? What if I could teach you some basics within 5 minutes? Let’s do just that. Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep up with a developer in a meeting when you’re non-technical. Especially in tech companies meetings can become very technical very fast. This is where technical product managers

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What is technical debt?

What is technical debt and how to manage it

If you’re a product manager and your first question hitting this article is ‘what is technical debt anyway? Never heard of it’, this article is a must read. I’ll keep t as simple as possible to make you understand its importance and its relation towards your product development speed. What is technical debt So what is technical debt really? It’s basically the technical version of financial debt. Building software is like buying a house: you create debt. The difference is

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Learn to code? How to start

Learn to code -

Nowadays, even the government is supporting initiatives to get people coding. But where to start? Learning to code requires a few things to consider first and the required steps to become a decent coder. Coding is not rocket science, but getting started can feel a bit overwhelming with zero knowledge. Let’s go through the first steps: