I’m Melvin aka. Melv1n. I write about tech product management and building tech products. All aspects required to build and grow great tech products. The content posted on this site is aimed to help or inspire anyone interested in product management and building tech products. From startups to enterprise companies.

I share guides, tips and cases on how to handle specific or interesting (technical) challenges most product managers and product owners in tech encounter based on my current and past (10+ years) of technical product management experience.  I like to focus on giving in-depth views on how to address certain product challenges or ways that could help to grow your product.

Some (product management) facts about me

  • Entrepreneurship (10+ years).  Founded several startups. Co-founder of Moop (one of the first Dutch companies to build mobile apps and platforms) was taken over by Uber in 2014. The deal resulted in Uber opening its Amsterdam office.
  • Besides my startup track record I’ve also worked at several big companies, most well known is PayPal.
  • Building products and product management experience (10+ years). From startups to scale-up and enterprise companies. I’ve mainly build data driven E-commerce, SaaS and Mobile products.
  • I have an engineering background. Studied Mechanical Engineering and hold a bachelor degree in Computer Science. I still code (mostly in Python) and do my own DevOps to keep my technical skills up to date.
  • I mainly focus on products that solve technically challenging problems and products that require technical excellence to ensure the best user experience.
  • Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.